Are you a gamer? If you are, you probably love FIFA. Be honest. FIFA keeps you up at night as you struggle to defeat every opponent in front of you. Armed with FIFA 21 coins, you fancy your choices against almost everyone. However, you still feel you are missing something. That is a deadly striker.

With a good striker, your chances in FIFA greatly increases. You have the chance to finish off the scoring opportunities you get. Other players tremble when they see your striker. However, there’s a slight problem. You don’t have a good striker to even begin with!

So, this article will help you discover the top strikers in FIFA at the moment.

The top strikers on FIFA

1. Lewandowski

Without a doubt, the top striker in the world and in the game is Robert Lewandowski. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. He has been heads and shoulders above everyone else in the league and internationally. His team is also the winner of the Champion’s league. Having him on your team will surely mean victory.

2. Ronaldo

Probably the greatest player of all time and the greatest goal scorer of all time, Ronaldo is inevitable. Having Ronaldo as a striker will surely cause opposition for any team. Ronaldo is good with his head, two feet, and his body. He also has great finishing techniques. This makes him formidable in the game. Players who know how to utilize Ronaldo will be able to score a lot of goals. You should probably give him a look

3. Haaland

After just bursting into the scene recently, Haaland has simply burst into life. This has seen him shot up in the FIFA 21 rankings. While not still at the level of those mentioned above, he is fast closing the game. You’ll get great pace and finishing technique if you have him by your side.

4. Aguero

This is often considered the vest Manchester City ever. He can wriggle his way into tight spaces. This trait follows him into the game world. That makes him a deadly striker.

Aguero has great finishing and he’s someone you can look at. One worrying feature is his age. This might be a problem if you are playing a continuous game. He might not be worth it in the end.

How do you get the best out of FIFA?

Want to enjoy the game with these strikers on your team? The best way to do this is by playing the Ultimate team on FIFA. You will be able to pack great players and play other players. To improve your team, you will need to earn or buy FIFA coins. While earning is faster, buying is quicker.

You just have to choose your demons.


Strikers are the final piece of the footballing puzzle. Without them, even a good team will stumble. These are some of the best strikers in the game. Having one of them in your team will surely mean some level of success. So make sure you seize the chance to get one of them as soon as you can.


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