The games on OSRS are interesting if nothing else. There are so many levels that all come with their difficulty. Just like it is with other games, you need to have their gold to buy these features. OSRS gold can be bought from so many sites, including eBay. The only issue is you might run out of your gold and need more. The only option here is to buy your OSRS.

The challenge with buying your own OSRS Gold is knowing the right source. So many people claim to have it and are only after hacking into your device. Many times people buy OSRS gold from strangers online only to be duped of their own money. With this in mind, one must know which site they are getting their gold from. Here are some of the ways you can ensure you safely buy OSRS gold.

1. Ask to meet face to face

If you feel unsure about your seller, you should ask them to meet you face to face. You can always go with a friend and ensure that you meet in a safe place. In doing so, you can at least put a face to the seller should anything not work out.

2. Use safe payment methods

One of the easiest ways to get scammed or hacked online is to use an insecure payment method when buying your gold. Ensure that whatever method you use to pay for the gold has enough security so no scammers can hack into your account later on. There are so many safe payment methods online, and where you are unsure, it is recommended to use cryptocurrency. It will ensure that you stay safe since their security levels are way better.

3. Do not give out your account password

Some people might try to get you to give them your account password, which is not right. All the seller needs are your character name to send the gold to. If you are working with a seller who keeps insisting they want to have your account password, you should walk away from them as they will compromise your account.

4. Do not communicate on your account

There are times when OSRS closes down an account for buying or selling gold. To ensure this does not happen, avoid looking for gold using your account chat. Ensure you do this in private chat. Once you receive the gold, close the chat and do not give the gold back to anyone, as this is a great way to either get hacked or have your account closed down.

Final thoughts

Playing Runescape is fun. There are multiple levels you can play that all come with different challenges. To ensure that you have a fantastic playing experience, you must have enough gold. There are many sellers online, but not all of them will be genuine. Knowing how to spot a genuine seller from a scammer will ensure that your money stays safe and you can enjoy your game without any issues. Do your researcher before you settle on a seller.


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